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Over the past four years that I have taught photography classes, many students have asked me about a place online where they can post their work. So, after several months of research, I formed Central Kentucky Photographers group on Facebook for that purpose.

I launched the first of the year and so far, there have been some beautiful shots posted there. I searched my list of Facebook friends and added 50 people initially, mostly former students and those whom I knew to be interested in photography. The group has now grown to over 150 members and membership requests are being answered everyday.

Even though it is named for a geographical area, I will add any member who wishes to post photos. Just send a membership request. I only ask that the photos not be obscene or pornographic. There are teenagers who are members.

I hope to return to blogging soon. Meanwhile, check out the talent from Central Kentucky.



There aren’t many covered bridges left in Kentucky. Most of the remaining ones are in Fleming and Mason counties. There is one nearby where I live, though, in neighboring Bourbon County.


This is the Colville covered bridge. It is still operational. It sits on a back road and spans Hinkston Creek.


It is located on Colville Road, off Ky. 36E, between Cynthiana and Millerburg. I took portraits of my teenagers there several years ago. They turned out great.


A must stop on the horse country tour has little to do with horses, but a lot to do with history. Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill offers visitors 3,000 acres of history on beautiful grounds. You can stay at the inn and dine at the restaurant. Period-costumed workers make products for sale in some of the buildings. For a photographer, the opportunities are endless.


Fall is one of the best times to visit, but the grounds are beautiful year round.





Many people were there the day we went taking family and graduation photos.


If you look closely in the bottom right corner of the above photo, you’ll see a photographer’s light rig.



For more information about this beautiful photo op, restaurant menu, inn rates and directions, visit here.

Always on the lookout for photo ops in gorgeous Central Kentucky. 🙂


A couple weeks ago, while my sister was visiting, we took a little detour from our tour of horse country to go to the Incredible Food Show at Rupp Arena in downtown Lexington.


IMG_3175In addition to tons of booths with Kentucky foods and free samples, the guest speaker was “The Chew’s” Carla Hall.


She was really funny and cooked some food that looked really yummy (I didn’t get to sample).

IMG_3159I had to take a picture of this booth, because I have a “thing” for old campers. This one had been converted to a gelato wagon. Hmmm, maybe I can convince my hubby that I need a camper for this purpose (since we don’t camp).


Some places are just worth visiting more than once. Old Friends Farm, refuge for retired race horses, is one such place. I visited earlier this year with my husband and son and decided to take my sister there while she was visiting from out of state. Boy, does that farm dress up for fall.


The farm was founded over 10 years ago by Michael Blowen to be a retirement place for these athletes. It is funded almost entirely by donations.



There were a few of the horses that I didn’t get to see last time I was there, that were out the second time. Popcorn Deelites, above, is a movie star. He was one of the horses used to play Seabiscuit in the movie. He and his paddock mate are known as the “frat boys” of the farm because they are usually up to some type of mischief. When I was at the farm earlier this year, they were in a corner of the paddock and wouldn’t show the tour anything but their hindquarters. This day, they were much more friendly.


This is, in my opinion, the prettiest horse on the farm, and probably the most well known. Silver Charm, winner of the 1997 Kentucky Derby and Preakness, was in the barn during my first visit. This day, he was all about showing off.


To see my previous post about Old Friends Farm, visit here. For more information about the farm, click here.


A great place to fill your belly and your senses is the Windy Corner Market, just north of Lexington, KY. A horse country tour wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the Windy Corner. It is literally surrounded by horse farms.

IMG_2948Visitors to the Windy Corner order at the counter from a Kentucky-style gourmet menu of foods mainly grown locally. Even most of the beverages (beer and wine included) are local. After you order, you find a seat either inside the store, on the screened porch, or outside and wait for your order. I almost always get the shrimp po boy, but the barbecue is wonderful, too.


The market is located at a crossroads along the Bluegrass Driving Tour.



Horses, living (above) and statuary (below), watch diners enjoy their food.


For more information about this Kentucky treat, directions, menu, ect., visit


A great place to spend a Friday or Saturday afternoon is the Cynthiana-Harrison County Museum, right in my hometown. I am proud to say that I played a very small part in making this museum happen when I was a reporter/photographer for the local newspaper years ago. I remember many interviews and photos of the blossoming project. I decided to share the museum with my sister, who was visiting from out-of-town.

The photo above is of a matte-board replica of Cynthiana around 1900.


The craftmanship of this model is spectacular.


There are so many great things that have either been donated or loaned to the museum. The objects are from every era of the county.




No tribute to the history of Harrison County would be complete without some tobacco, the crop that sustained this town for many years.



This dollhouse, which is visible from the street, is remarkable.




There is also a replica of Harrison County High School, my alma mater.


I love vintage toys.



You can definitely say the museum has a lot of fans. Har. Har.

For more information about the museum, visit their Facebook page at

IMG_8444A must-stop attraction along the horse country tour would have to be Old Friends Farm, near Georgetown, KY. A farm for retired race horses, tours are conducted several times a day. You can get up close and personal (we’re talkin’ horse drool all over the hands, if you want) with some beautiful former racing thorobreds. If you follow thorobred racing at all, you will recognize the names of some of these horses.

IMG_8455There are a lot of great photo ops here. I lagged many times taking pictures, while my husband and son listened to the tour guide tell about each race horse, but no one minded.







For more information on the farm, directions, etc., visit

IMG_1071_tonemappedMidway, named because it lies halfway between Lexington and Frankfort, is very small. What it lacks in size, however, it make up for in charm.

IMG_1092_tonemappedMost of the shops are locally owned and sell locally grown and crafted merchandise.



IMG_1080_tonemappedThe railroad runs right through the middle of Midway.


IMG_1074_tonemappedFor more information about this charmer, visit in person or go here.

These photos were taken with a Canon Rebel and then each single image was imported into Photomatix and HDR effects applied.


Canon Rebel, ISO 100, F/5.6, 1/200 sec.


Sometimes the action in the photo is more powerful left unfocused. For example, in the photo above, it is obvious that there is a baseball game going on. However, the fence is what is in focus. There are a couple of reasons why a photographer may want to take the photo this way. The most important for me as a part-time graphic artist, is that I can use this photo as a text background, perhaps as part of a Powerpoint presentation or a introductory image in a baseball league slideshow. A common problem photographers have is that when an image is needed, there are not releases to publish the faces of the people in the picture. This method solves that dilemma by making the people in the photo unrecognizable.


Canon Rebel, ISO 400, F/1.8, 1/50 sec.

We have had a lot of rain this summer in Kentucky. In this image, I wanted to show the raindrops on the door with the overworked rain gauge barely recognizable in the background.


Canon Rebel, ISO 400, F/5, 1/30 sec.

Same for this picture taken from the windshield of my car. You can see the roadway in the background, but the focus of the photo is the raindrops. I can envision this picture being used as an ad for windshield wipers or a public service ad about slowing down on wet roads.


Canon Rebel, ISO 400, F/1.8, 1/4000 sec.

This image and the one below make me want to escape the confinements of the fence and gate to the wide open spaces beyond.


Canon Rebel, ISO 400, F/1.8, 1/4000 sec.


Canon Rebel, ISO 400, F/1.8, 1/1000 sec.

Lastly, I took this photo of our lonely fire pit in the background with the fence dripping water in focus. It has been too wet to even enjoy a fire this summer.

Remember, you will probably have to manually focus you camera for these shots, as the auto focus will pick up on the larger objects in the frame. You want to make sure what you are focusing on is very sharp. Hopefully, these have inspired you to look for ways to use your camera to capture images from an unusual perspective.

Have fun 🙂

As always, if you have questions about any of my photos, please contact me either via WordPress messenger or use the contact form below:

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