IMG_1076Do you think this looks like an image from an Alfred Hitchcock movie? If so, me too. I discovered a couple of new I-pad apps that really include some cool filters. The image above originally looked like this:

IMG_1072Bright, sunny photo of a bridge. After adding a combination of effects from four new apps – ScratchCam, DistressedFX, Pixlromatic and BlurFX – I was able to achieve the macabre photo at the top. I especially love the birds overlay. Here is another:





This one is not quite as eerie, but still cool:





I didn’t take any of the photos with my I-pad. I imported them from my Dropbox. They were originally taken with my DSLR. I’m sorry to say, I didn’t write down the formulas for each of the pictures. Each one of them was done using more than one app. They were all fun to play around with. Only one of the apps, Pixlromatic, was free in the app store. DistressedFX was .99, Hipstamatic was 1.99 and BlurFX, .99.

Did you notice I used the birds in every one of the pictures. So cool 🙂