Have you ever wondered how to pull colors from a photo if you don’t have Adobe Photoshop? Or maybe you just like those cool color swatch boards that compliment photos. My newest app does both.

Adobe Color, free from the App Store for IPad, let’s you import a photo from your camera roll or take a new photo and then gives you five choices on the photo to match colors. You can move each circle around for a different color. When finished, if you want the photo and swatch together you have to take a screen shot before you touch the check mark.

After you touch the check mark, the swatch goes into your library as a theme. From there you can select the information icon to find out the RGB makeup of the color.

The formula above is for the olive green on the swatch. With that color recipe, you can mix custom colors in any other program or app.

I plugged the RGB values into Adobe Creative Cloud color mixer and made the same olive green. Those RGB values can be used to make a color for type or graphic elements using any color mixer.

I plan to use the top picture, cropped slightly as wallpaper for my IPad. It can be printed out and framed…or whatever.

Have fun😊