IMG_2580Photographing food is very popular these days. Every recipe that is posted on the web is illustrated with beautiful shots of the food before, during and after preparation. Food photography is more simple than some other types of photography, because you control the light and the subject is not moving, therefore you can set up the shot, mount your camera on a tripod, and attach a remote shutter release.

IMG_2576The trick is to set your ISO at 100 for the best quality photo possible; and your F-stop at around 5.6, so that all the food is in focus. From there, the amount of shutter speed is variable. If you set your camera on aperture priority, the shutter will stay open as long as needed for the amount of light. For the shots above, the shutter was opening around 1/5 sec, way too long to hand hold the camera.

IMG_2578No fancy set up was used for this shot. The strawberries were washed and some put into a bowl. The rest were placed beside the bowl on a dishtowel. I left the stems on some of them because they add leading lines to the photo. The shot was done on the kitchen counter lit by the under counter fluorescent lights. During the 1/5 second time the shutter was open, I quickly spot lit a couple of areas to reduce shadows. The white balance was set on the fluorescent setting.