Summer is a great time to get out and take a lot of pictures. However, the harsh sunlight during the summer months can leave your images burned-out in some spots and heavily shadowed in others. The best times to shoot landscapes on a sunny day are shortly after sunrise and shortly before sunset. Golden hour, which is the proper photographic term for the time, is technically not limited to an hour. Some days it is longer and other days, shorter. As a photographer, it is your job to determine when the light is the best. My advice is to take a lot of shots on several different exposure settings. Shoot with the light at your back or side, so that your subject is well lit.
The landscape above was shot with my smartphone around 8 a.m. The only adjustment I made was a slight boost in the contrast.
I plan to do an entire post soon on golden hour portraits.
I also plan on doing something special with those pesky, prickly pretties in the foreground on my gardening blog .
Stayed tuned 🙂