IMG_2550The rule of thirds (that rule about putting the focal point of a photo in the intersections of the image broken into thirds vertically and horizontal) is usually the best use of space in botanical photography. The photo above is a good example. The very center of the flower is in the intersect point. Imagine if the flower were in the center of the image. Would the photo be as interesting?

IMG_2551For this photo, I decided to make the focal point the upper left corner of the flower’s center. Since this is a closer shot, simply placing the center of the flower in the intersect points would have thrown the flower too far to the left.

Of course, I don’t always use rule of thirds, very few photographers do all the time. It is a good practice to begin. If your camera has built-in gridlines on the viewfinder, turn them on. They help.

Keep shooting 🙂