One of my hobbies is floral design. I use what I have around my garden and display the flowers on my dining room table.


I often share the arrangements on my gardening blog, which means that I have to photograph them. There are other reasons you may want to visually record your floral arrangements. You may want to have a record of them for future reference or, if you really do a good job in arranging and photographing, you can use the pictures for greeting cards, as I have done in the past.


There is an art to photographing floral arrangements. They must be set up like a still life and lighting and exposure are very important.


I like to place my floral arrangements against a neutral background and usually I will put something else in the shot. Most of the time, I take pictures of the arrangement as a whole and then take some close ups for detail.


I mounted my camera on a tripod for this shot. I wanted the ISO to be 100 so the quality is really good, and I knew that the shutter speed would be slow with the low ISO. I set the F-stop on 5.6 and attached a remote shutter release. While the shutter was open, I spot flashed a couple of areas of the scene.


Hope this helps. Photographing your arrangements is almost as much fun as making them. Enjoy 🙂