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Its graduation time-which means that many high school and college seniors are wanting photos for invitations, relatives and resumes. These types of portraits are usually environmental portraits (as opposed to head shots taken at school). Most seniors like to choose what to wear and where to have the pictures taken. Natural lighting works best, but not bright sunlight. These pictures were taken on a sunny day, so we sought out the shade for these shots.

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For the top two pictures, the subject was under a lattice canopy which let in small dabbles of sunlight. It took a little work to get her placed where they would hit in just the right spot.

IMG_7628 faceThe pictures above and below were taken in total shade under the porch roof of the building. Each of them turned out nicely because there was plenty of light, but not harsh sunlight.

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Posing for pictures is usually more natural for girls than boys. Occasionally, I ask the subject to bring props, such as sports equipment or musical instruments with them to a photo shoot. Sometimes, posing with something in one’s hands is easier. You have to make that call when you meet the subject or talk with them before the shoot. If they seem nervous about having photos done, props are a good way to relieve some of the anxiety.