Three dimensional artwork is fun and easy to do. It only requires a little extra time and a few extra supplies. For the painting above, I painted a basic swathed background and allowed it to dry well.


For the tree trunk, I mixed Mod Podge with sand (the kind you get for floral design) you can use course or fine, depending on the texture you want for your painting. I used course for the tree. I applied a thick coat of the Mod Podge/sand mixture in the shape of the tree trunk and allowed that to dry well. I took a full day.


The Mod Podge dried clear, leaving the sand in the shape of the tree trunk. I then painted the tree trunk with a dark brown and allowed that to dry. I highlighted the trunk with other colors to make it look realistic. I had a piece of bark from a tree outside to look at.

imageFor the blossoms on the trees, I used plaster (which you can get at craft stores) mixed with acrylic paint. I started with the darkest pink and added white several times for the other shades. You should allow the paint to dry in between each coat of paint. If you have any questions, please comment and I will try to answer. 🙂