If artwork mediums could be married, I would hook-up ink and colored pencils. I have found that, like a good marriage, the two partners must compliment each other and each realize their own weaknesses. Ink is great for outlining and coloring in areas that are not too big, unless you want the pen marks to be part of the composition. For the work above, I outlined the entire thing in ink and colored in key areas that I wanted to highlight. I also used ink for the strings. However, as you can see, pen marks show on the large areas that I colored in with marker. They would have looked better if I had used pencil.


For this piece, I printed out the words on my inkjet printer onto drawing paper first, then I used ink to outline the tree and give the trunk texture. I also colored in the prominent leaves with marker using a stencil I cut from a piece of card stock. I filled in the trunk and the top with colored pencil.


I decided I wanted the pen marks to show on this one. I drew the circles with a circle grid template, then carefully colored each one in using an arc pattern. I tried to  make the arcs go in the same direction. I drew the dots in the background with a pen. Then I colored the background with pencil.

Give the marriage a try. The two make a great pair.