One of my favorite hobbies is doing watercolor collages. They are really pretty simple. The one above was done a couple months ago. I painted four separate sheets of watercolor paper with various colors in a sweeping motion. I outlined a few tree trunks in pencil on a large piece of watercolor paper and brushed lightly back and forth across them. After everything dried, I glued the four background sheets to a piece of craft paper, then I cut out the tree trunks and positioned them on the background sheets. Voila! That was all. In a frame behind glass, they look just 3D enough to be interesting. One of my favorite things about this method of art is that I can play around with background and foreground images without commitment. I don’t glue anything down until I am happy with the way it looks.


This watercolor presented a problem. I did this as part of a workshop to practice painting spheres and giving them directional highlights. However, I didn’t like the way the finished product looked. So. . . I cut out some of the spheres and painted a new background for them.


Better, huh?


I did this project to enter in an exhibit in Lexington. The theme of the exhibit is visual music. I painted all the elements of the piece separately. For the trees, I Mod Podged pages from an old hymnal onto watercolor paper and them painted over the music. See detail below:



For the one above, I outlined tree trunks again and painted them, then cut them out. I painted some scrap pieces of watercolor paper with different colors and cut them out as well. Then they had to be glued onto the pre-painted background. Simple, right?

Give it a try. You can do it 🙂