You know how you see things and think, I could have thought of that. . . but I didn’t. . . someone else did and now they are making a bunch of money.

Those objects, that look like letters that are used to spell people’s names are one of those things. I’ve actually even done that, except I did it only for my preschool students to use when I was teaching. It never occurred to me that people might actually pay money for small photos of things that looked like letters and use several of them to spell names.


Well, I decided to make some of these little babies myself. I am going to make mine more simple and therefore more doable for myself and everyone else who wants to do them too. I decided to use photos of actual letters from one of my favorite photo locales. . .the cemetery.

Here’s what I came up with.


I simply took pictures of letters from five different markers that spell my last name. Example:

2015-02-02 08.37       IMG_20150202_083704_200

Then I dumped them on the computer and cropped them in Photoshop. I printed them out four inches wide, cut them out the same length,  mounted them on black card stock and framed them.


If you want to see instructions to make the wreath in the photos, check out my gardening and craft blog. Here’s a link 🙂