A friend of mine recently endowed me with three cameras she no longer wanted, including this wonderful old Canon AE1 pre-digital, pre-auto, pre-self wind manual film camera. Only a week before, I  found a roll of 800 speed film in a cabinet at my house. I have decided to use these recent  discoveries to hone my photography skills.

In case my readers don’t know, I am, shall we say, not young. I started out my career as a newspaper photographer in the early 1990s, using a manual camera and film. I developed the film in a darkroom and printed out pictures that were then pasted on the pages of the newspaper by hand. I know how to take a series of pictures without being able to see the finished product of each shot immediately. . . or at least I used to.

That’s where this exercise comes in. I plan to take the AE1, which has to be held together with a rubber band, with me along side my digital and take a few carefully-selected shots. I also plan to document the settings of each shot in my trusty photo journal, so I can compare them when they are developed. Hopefully, this will help me think about my photography a little more carefully in the future, even when I go back to shooting strictly digital.

Watch for the results in future posts.

Does anyone even develop film anymore. . . maybe I should check into that.