In this and coming posts, I want to show how to make photos look like paintings using various software and apps. All of the photos in this post were done in Adobe Photoshop. However, I realize that not everyone owns Photoshop and, in coming posts, I plan to show how to use some cheap or free apps for Android and IOS that will do about the same thing.

To begin, I want to compare the same scene done two ways:

1. A photo after I applied the watercolor filter in Photoshop.


2. An actual watercolor painting of the same scene that I have for sale on Etsy.


My point? You can make wall art with some of the photos you already have or you can take photos with the intention of manipulating them in Photoshop to look like paintings. Some of the photos I have previewed on my camera that were slightly out of focus or otherwise blah, I have kept with that plan in mind.

Example: Beautiful Mandevilla flower, boring picture.

IMG_1402After I applied the cutout filter effect in Photoshop and cropped the image, I got this:

IMG_1402 cutout

Now its interesting and potential wall art.

Here is another uninteresting photo I took with my smartphone.

2015-01-05 13.16

It’s not bad, there is just no real subject. However, when I cropped it and applied the photocopy filter in Photoshop. . .


. . .a cute zebra appears to star in the composition. I can see this in a black and white nursery, perhaps.

I am going to work on exploring all the photo manipulation apps that I have (I have a lot of them). I install them then forget to go back and play with them. I promise to play. . .and report on my progress.

More later 🙂