wordfoto herc

I’m so excited! I downloaded a great new app to my I-pad. It’s called WordFoto and it incorporates words onto your photos. The photo of my dog above was taken with the I-pad camera and I chose some words from the word bank. It added the words.

wordfoto family

This picture of my family that I posted earlier turned out nicely when I imported it into the WordFoto app and chose another set of words from the menu. The app has several effects you can apply. The one above was the monochrome effect.

wordfoto barn

This is a picture that I have previously posted as well. For this one, I made a new word bank with the words Kentucky, Country, Love and Home. The picture was so dark that the only place you can really see the words is in the sky.

wordfoto barbed

I am most pleased with this one. I used a lighter photo and a lighter effect to apply the same words as the barn picture, but with a different font. I really like the way this one turned out. I imported this one into Photoshop and printed it without any manipulation to an 8X10. It looks great. You have several options when saving or emailing the photos from your I-pad. I chose to save and email at actual size, which is the best quality (largest file size). The app is available from the App Store for $1.99 and is well worth it, in my opinion. I can see many uses for this one. It is actually an I-phone app but will work on an I-pad. Just make sure to toggle “I-phone only” when you are searching the app store for WordFoto.

Have fun 🙂