If you are looking for a good way to revamp some old artwork, chalkboard paint is the answer. I have had four square canvas blocks sitting around for about a year, the result of a failed experiment in image transfer. I considered painting them with a large scene spread out over four panels with acrylic paint, but I actually had need for a chalkboard and decided they would meet my needs nicely.


First I painted each of the canvases with two coats of dark blue chalkboard paint and let them dry overnight. I painted the left bottom corner of each one with off-white interior latex paint using a dry brush method that only partially covers.


I didn’t measure the swathes of paint. I just tried to make them look similar. I didn’t want them to be perfect.


For the decoration, I used terra-cotta paint pens and just painted simple circles with lines. For the last step, I rubbed chalk all over the chalkboard surface and then erased it to season it.