In celebration of the new year, I am adding a new feature to this blog that will hopefully  instruct and inspire you to make your own wall art. Some of the ideas will give you an opportunity to use some of your photos and others will require you using a paintbrush, crayons, markers, etc. For my first project, I chose a d.i.y. calendar.


I began with the idea of printing out a calendar from the internet (the one I used came from I had planned to print each calendar directly onto watercolor paper and then paint the whole page. However, my printer had other ideas and would not print on the thick watercolor paper. Oh well, plan B. I printed the calendars on plain paper and cut them out closely.


I use watercolors in the tube instead of a tray, because they are thicker and give more opaque coverage, but you can use whatever type you have. Kid’s watercolors would work fine for this project.


I wanted the designs on the background sheets to be abstract, so I simply painted strokes of color on six different sheets of watercolor paper.


After they all dried, I stacked them onto a clipboard, two months per painting. I plan to use the paintings as note cards for birthdays as I take them off.


I then hung up the clipboard. Voila, custom art calendars. When my children were young, I did a calendars similar to this with my kids’ artwork and gave them to grandmas.


I hope you find this new feature helpful. Let me know what you think.