2014-09-26 11.48 I recently read an article online about creative ways to use the panorama feature on your smartphone’s camera. (I wish I could remember where it was so I could include a link and give the authors credit). Any how, you simply set your phone’s panorama capture while riding down the road and record a highly condensed rendition of the landscape you are passing. 2014-09-26 11.46This photo and the one on top were shot using this method. The top photo came out slightly choppy because of all the close up things I was passing. The one directly above looks better. IMG_20140928_183613_305 This photo was made using another trick from the article. I stood in one spot and started panning very slowly. My son chose four different spots within the landscape to stand still and ran quickly from one to the next as I panned. There are a couple of spots where you can make out the ghostly blur of him moving. It came out pretty cool though.