A few weekends ago, Cynthiana, Kentucky held its annual Rod Run. A huge car show that lines the streets of my small hometown with hundreds of antique cars, trucks and motorcycles. Car shows are a great place to practice your photography skills.


A lot of the cars will have their hoods raised so that everyone can see the engine. I liked the way this car, with its open dual hoods, looked against the building in the background and the sky. I don’t take a lot of shots of whole vehicles. I prefer to focus in on details of the cars.

IMG_3355Of course, the vehicles are polished to a high shine. Instead of fighting the reflection, use it to your advantage to give the cars a little added decoration.


Not all the vehicles at the show were old. Occasionally, there were new and old sharing the spotlight.


Most antique car collectors have original license plates they put on the vehicle for the show. When the show is over, if they have to drive the vehicle away, they replace the show plate with a legal one.


This seafoam green truck was parked outside the Cynthiana Museum. It could have been an exhibit. I’m sure trucks like this once traveled the streets of Cynthiana regularly.


Maybe it’s just me, but car fronts always remind me of faces, especially this one.


These cars were parked beneath a mural that hangs on the old Rohs Theater building.

IMG_3342Be sure to not only photograph the sleek and gorgeous, but the quirky as well. This bug was rebuilt inside and out using recycled parts from other things. I was very impressed this this one.


As I mentioned earlier, car owners like to show off their engines.


IMG_3380There are plenty of bright colors at car shows. If it is a really sunny day, use a polarizer to cut down on glare and really bring out those colors.





I like this reflective shot in the rim of an old Chevy.


IMG_3412Details, details.



One last shot. I call it Self Portrait in Chrome with Clouds 🙂