Many times a blah shot can be made more presentable by manipulating the color. The subject of the photo above, the manure spreader, blended in with its surroundings, even though it was rust colored and the grass was green. The early morning sun had added a lot of yellow to everything.
I opened the photo in Elements 12, I went to Enhance – Adjust Color – Adjust Hue/Saturation, to completely remove the yellow from the picture. As a result, the rust color on the spreader is highlighted along with a few of the flowers in the foreground.

This photo was too dark all over. I decided I wanted to highlight the sun rising on the field. To do so, I followed the same path and removed the blue from the picture. Once the blue was taken out of the field, it appeared yellow. Removing the blue from the rest of the picture didn’t have much affect because all the other colors were so saturated, together they still appear nearly black.