Feeling inspired by the Montgomery-Gentry song “Where I Come From”, I decided to share a few of the images I see regularly.

Lexington has undergone quite a facelift lately. It was beginning to look a bit shabby and worn out. Thanks to renovation efforts, downtown Lexington is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful small cities on America.
Murals, like the one above, showcase Kentucky’s talent.

The Kentucky theater has been in operation in downtown Lexington since the 1920s, closing only once in the late 1980s because of damage from a fire. If you go, he sure to arrive in time to see the beautiful interior of the theater before the lights are dimmed.

This water tower is not particularly unusual in this area. I just liked the way the light captured the texture. This picture was not adjusted. It happened that the color of the sky exactly matched the color of the tower that evening.
I plan to share more images of “where I come from” in future posts.
Incidentally, Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry are from this area as well. Kentucky doesn’t just have horses, we have talented people too.