When composing a photo, leading lines help the viewer to know where to look. In the photo above, I intentionally left the bare tree branches in the corner to help lead the viewer toward the subject of the photo. The fence posts also serve the same purpose.
I am unhappy with myself for not composing the barn differently on the shot, however. When taking a portrait, the shot would typically be composed with the subject facing into the picture. The same holds true for a building. The “face” or front of the barn is pointed out of the shot, leaving the viewer to feel like something important was cropped out.
Had I moved to the other side of the barn or been directly on front of it, there would have been no tree branches to frame it nor would I have gotten the water tower in the picture.
What I should have done was moved to the right of the barn, so it would be facing inward and let the fence posts do the job of leading the viewer.
Oh well, hindsight is definitely 20/20 when you have a digital image to look at. 😦