On our trip to Florida last month, we hired Captain Andy Cotton to take us fishing in the inland saltwater. I like to fish. Normally though, I fish in Kentucky ponds and reel in bluegill and the occasional bass. I like to fish for food, not sport. On our trip, we were catching mostly ocean trout. They were fun. Then I hooked something different. My family was already miffed because I had caught the most fish, when I hooked something that I could hardly reel in.

About 15 minutes and several bruises on my tummy later, I reeled in this bonnet head shark. We threw it back after a couple of pictures.

Later, I caught the biggest trout of the day and took a picture with it too.

I told Capt. Andy that I would give him a shout out on my blog. Below is his website. He did a great job of accommodating me and my family. If your around Sarasota, Florida, look him up.