I’m going to use an adjective I have never before applied to a book – cute.
The authors of this book, sisters Emma Chapman and Elsie Larson, are clever as they are gorgeous. Their blog, A Beautiful Mess, is charming. This book, a guide to taking interesting pictures with any type of camera, is not only very helpful, but cute.
I have been a professional photographer for so many years (think full manual cameras and hours in a darkroom), that I have become kinda stale in the creativity department. I regularly follow young bloggers (young enough to be my children) because they have unobstructed creativity. Since reading this book and following these ladies on their blog, my creative juices have started to flow again.
I had my plumber husband build me a PVC pipe backdrop frame, colored on pieces of transparency for filters and scoured our outbuilding for vintage props.
I recommend this charming book to anyone who likes to take pictures.