I discovered a new photography app for my iPad that is amazing. Picture Show is my new favorite toy. I am really impressed with the vintage look pictures it produces by changing various combinations of settings. When you finish, you can create a “recipe” of all the things used to create that look, so you can save time later with another photo that you want to look the same.
You can either take a photo or use an existing one. Then apply HDR, tilt shift, various light leaks, color filters, etc. There are too many combinations to count.
Here are a couple of examples:


The top photo is the original I pulled from my photo stream. The manipulated one was opened in Picture Show, cropped, tilt shift applied, bokeh light leak and limelight filter applied.


For this one, in order to change from the original (top) picture, I cropped then applied the red cross filter and the halation 1 light leak.
The app is not free, but the many combinations you can create make it well worth $1.99. It is an iPhone app, but will work on an iPad. You just have to check iPhone only when searching the App Store.
Have fun 😉