Pretty much anytime I can find a way to do something creative AND cheap, I give it a try. I saw a long time ago on something (I apologize to whom ever came up with this for not remembering) about putting a piece of clear plastic wrap on the end of your lens and smearing all but the very center with petroleum jelly to create a dreamy effect around your subject.

I am currently teaching a photography class and I always like to give my students ways to be creative without having to spend a bundle, so I gave it a try. The top photo of a fence pull was taken at very short depth of field and the background would have been blurry anyway. However, with the sophisticated lubricant-endowed plastic wrap on the lens, the photo looks more interesting.

The photo below of my cat also turned out nice. The only problem with this method is that it blows the rule of thirds because the sharp focus is in the dead middle of the shot. I suppose I could work on ways to make the focal point out of focus.

Have fun 🙂