A new gadget has helped me revive some old Kodachrome slides. I ordered the lomography smart phone film scanner from Photojojo earlier this week and when it came, I couldn’t wait to get started scanning some old slides I had.
Some of them were taken by my older brother. The one below is of me and my niece. I’m the one on the left. This was taken in 1966.

The great thing about Kodachrome slides is they never fade or lose quality.

This one I took in 1995, during the time I was a photographer for a newspaper.

I used my own camera on the job, therefore, when a photo op came up that was not for the paper and my camera was loaded with Kodachrome, the shot ended up being a slide.
I am just starting to experiment with the digital files, so I haven’t a report on quality just yet. I’m just happy to have my old shots in a form that I can manipulate.
More to come 🙂