southern lights 6

The Kentucky Horse Park near Lexington puts on a show each holiday season called the Southern Lights. As you drive through the park, thousands of lights sparkle on each side of the road. They are difficult to photograph because you are never completely still and must use a high ISO to prevent having to leave the shutter open for a long time.

This is the best shot of all the ones I took. I had my husband stop the car (making the folks in all the cars behind us very unhappy) and steadied my camera on the window frame of the car. With the F-stop wide open, the shutter speed was still around 1/5 second. I held my breath and pressed the release. The little green lights at the top of the picture are lens flare from the light exposure. Most of the pictures were blurry despite my efforts.

The great thing about digital is that I didn’t waste anything but time and not much of that. Keep shooting 🙂