I have a great dog. Has he endured in his 10 years at our house being pulled around the show ring by a someone half his size, being ridden by someone else nearly his size and endlessly waiting patiently in line behind three cats to come in the door. Now, he is being decorated. Well, not like a brave military hero is decorated – literally decorated with lights and photographed repeatedly by his overzealous owner. This was my Christmas card idea for this year and fortunately he didn’t object (not that he ever has) to having his picture repeatedly taken over the course of about fifteen minutes.

Lucky for me he is not a hyperactive Lab, as are some. As long as he is allowed to lay on his bed, the photo shoot was okay with him.

I took the pictures on 100 ISO at F4. The shutter speed was calculated by the camera’s computer at around five to seven seconds for each shot. He only moved during two of the shots (I told you, he’s wonderful). Those two shots were discarded and I was left with five that I really liked. I showed the finalists to my photography students and asked for their recommendation. This shot was the overwhelming winner. The inside of the Christmas cards remind everyone to slow down and take time to enjoy the season.

Hopefully, everyone will do the same. Shoot lots of Christmas pics. 🙂