I posted several weeks ago that I visited the Kentucky Folk Art Center on the campus of Morehead State University. This is my last grouping of art from that gallery.

This time, the photos are all of work by the same artist, Linvel Barker. His whimsical carvings were featured on the entire top floor of the museum. All of them made me smile. Here are a few of them.

I love their little tiny feet. These were all shot with a Canon Rebel on full manual setting. They were a bit tricky because of the variance in lighting conditions. This was one of those situations where you could not have set your camera on auto, which would have triggered the flash, which would have only reflected off of the glass cases. I kept my f-stop on 5.6 for all the shots and, since I didn’t have a tripod, I had to keep the shutter speed above 1/60. So the only thing I could really adjust was the ISO. For most of the shots, it was set on 800 or 1600.

Keep shooting 🙂