As promised in an earlier post, here are some more agricultural pics. This time, I decided to photograph hayrolls, which are abundant in Kentucky this time of year.

I love the way these look. I grew up on a farm, but my family owned a square hay baler, which produces a rather plain-looking cube of hay. Now farmers prefer hay rollers. I’m not sure what the agricultural benefit is to the rolls, because they can’t be moved by hand like the ones I used to load.

A forklift attachment on a tractor is how these are moved. These aren’t stored in a barn like the bales either. They are stacked against a fence and left in the field, many times wrapped in white plastic. They resemble rows of huge marshmallows.

As a photographer, I’m glad to see the change in hay storage methods. These are so much better to look at. Let me know what you think.

Have fun with your camera 🙂