I have looked through photo magazines for years at the beautiful HDR (high dynamic range) photos that are produced with special software using three bracketed photos.

I finally gave in and purchased HDRsoft’s Photomatix software recently. I couldn’t wait to try it, so I went out on my lunch break and quickly shot a few bracketed images. After converting them to Jpeg from RAW format, I opened the three images in the Photomatix program. It is so easy to use and offers so many options for tonemapping the photo. I realized when processing them that if you are not using a tripod and remote, you will move slightly and cause the merged images to look blurry. A couple of my tonemapped products looked like a 3-D picture without the glasses.

The only problem I will have now is getting carried away and “overHDRing” my photos. I am an abstract artist at heart and the menu of options makes my mouth water. Hopefully, I can restrain myself when trying to keep the photo looking realistic. I realize these look a bit like old-fashioned postcards.

More HDR to come when I get a chance to get out and take some more photos. Let me know what you think.

Keep trying new things 🙂