One of my favorite things to photograph is other people’s art. I have a deep appreciation for all types of art, but of course, visual art holds a special place in my heart.

Three-dimensional art is my favorite to photograph. This sculpture is at the University of Kentucky’s Arboretum. I was lucky to catch a bird using it as a perch.

This one is in the water garden of the arboretum.

This group of naked children beneath a beautiful lamppost are in downtown Lexington, KY.

These children are in Lexington’s Gratz Park.

All of these were shot on a sunny day with a Canon Rebel. I set the F-stop at various lengths depending on whether I wanted the background in focus. I like to incorporate buildings with my sculpture photos to add scale and help identify their locations. I had the white balance set on cloudy, even though it was sunny, because I like for landscapes to have a warmer look.

Have fun 🙂