I love architectural photography. The subjects never move and there are so many different ways you can photograph a single structure. The challenge with this type of image is lighting. Ideally, you want to shoot on a slightly overcast day when there are no shadows or harsh contrasting sunlight issues. That isn’t always possible.

On a recent visit to St. Augustine, Florida, home of some of the most beautiful Spanish architecture in the world, my family and I chose an overcast day to visit the old city. However, by the time we parked and started walking, the sun was shining in mid-summer Floridian glory.

This was my only chance to take these shots, so I screwed my polarizing filter on my camera, set the white balance on cloudy to bring out the shadows a bit and started shooting. I had my camera set on AV at F18. I had to set the ISO on 400 because the filter adds exposure time and some of the shots were taking too long to be hand held at ISO 100 or 200.

The results were not as good as if the sun had not been out, but the polarizer did make a difference in the texture and contrast of the photos.

The filter brought out the color of the sky. I was very pleased about that.

These photos are of the original Alcazar Hotel. It then became the home of St. Augustine’s City Hall and the Lightner Museum.

Make sure to travel with your camera 🙂