I always sign off my blog with “have fun with your camera.” If your like me, most things you do with your camera are an adventure. Since the invention of digital cameras, photographers no longer need to worry about wasting film, which makes it easier to simply play. One of my favorite ways to play is to shoot photos from a moving vehicle. You can set your shutter speed slow and create an abstract or very fast to capture things that you may have missed otherwise. You have to have your f-stop set very deep so that the entire scene is in focus.

On a recent trip, I shot these pics of things that were along the Interstate. I set my camera on continuous shoot and then filtered the pics after I got done with a set. Then I further filtered them when I converted them from RAW format. Some of them had to be straightened and cropped in Photoshop. These are some of my favorites.

Some are common things that look interesting

Some of the things were down right random

Try it. It’s fun 🙂