Recently, I hauled my cacti outside to give them a monthly thorough watering. I already had my mini studio setup to take some stills of toys. When I retrieved my cacti from outside, I noticed that water droplets had collected on every spine of one of the cacti.

I loved the contradiction of water accumulated on a plant that thrives in the desert.

I took the small pot in to the studio. Quickly pushed aside the toys I had been working with and started to shoot the cactus before the droplets dissipated.

I was very pleased with the results. My studio consists of a cardboard tri-fold covered in black velvet and placed under a variety of lighting sources. My Canon Rebel was mounted on a table tripod and set on AV at 100 ISO, F4. The shutter speed was slow due to the low ISO, but with the tripod and wired released, the pictures came out sharp.

The spines almost look like fireworks or glass chandeliers.

Have fun with your camera 🙂