My teenaged children regularly go to a park in town to practice soccer and usually their dad takes them so I can catch up on household chores in the evening.

Two nights ago, however, I told him I would take them. I don’t play soccer, so I decided to explore the creek nearby. I’m so glad I did. I drive by this creek everyday at 35 miles per hour (at least). It took slowing down on foot to appreciate the creek’s value.

Most of these shots were taken as the sun was setting with a Canon Rebel, set on AV at F5.6.

As it got darker, the AV setting caused the shutter speed to slow down considerably. I really needed a tripod, but didn’t have it with me. I compensated by sitting down and propping my elbows on my knees and changing the f-stop to 2.8.

Slow down and take a walk (with your camera, of course) and see what you discover 🙂

The tiny plants and the dark water look like an abstract painting