Have you ever taken a landscape photo that just wasn’t what you expected?

Try turning the image to black and white. This photo was taken right before a storm. The sky was two distinct shades of blue and the barn was sillouetted. I expected the blues to look more powerful than they did when I downloaded the photo to my computer.

I tried various Photoshop manipulations to increase the contrast, but nothing captured the powerful cloud that threatened the barn.

As a last resort, I decided to take the original image and convert it to black and white. Voila! Suddenly the power of the clouds was evident and it brought out detail in the barn.

I worked for many years at a newspaper where most of my pictures were published in black and white, so I tend to shy away from that selection now that I don’t have to use it. This photo has convinced me that I may need to revisit my old medium occasssionally.

This picture was shot with a Canon Rebel, set on AV at F22.

Have fun with your camera, 🙂