Close up plus 1

Close up plus 4

Close up plus 2

As an incredibly financial-strapped photographer, I am faced with not being able to afford all the equipment I would like to use. For instance, I would love to have a macro lens, but it is hard for me to justify the cost of one, when only about one-eighth of the photos I take are extreme close-ups.

Promaster’s Close-up Filter Set saved the day for me. The little kit is three filters , close-up plus 1, 2 or 4, can be mounted on your regular 55 mm lens and is basically like mounting a magnifying glass to your lens. You can use one, two or all three at a time, depending on how much magnification you want.The results are not as good as an actual macro lens, but for a “starving artist,” such as myself, they are far more realistic than the alternative.All the photos shown were taken with a Canon Rebel, set on AV at F5.6. Occasionally, when using these filters it is necessary to stop up one or two stops, especially if you are using all three Close-ups at once. Have fun with your camera,L.H. 🙂