How can you go wrong with this subject

First off, let me say portrait photography is not one of my strong suits. However, recently a friend wanted me to photograph her little boy and considering he is one of the most adorable children I have ever seen, I agreed to give it a try. We took many shots of him at different locations around my farm and they turned out great. One shot, in particular was sheer perfection. While I was teaching a photography class to a group of adults this past spring, I spent a great deal of time scrawling diagrams on the board illustrating the rule of thirds and the golden mean used in compostion. However, I don’t always practice what I preach. The same can be said for lighting. Sometimes, despite my best intentions, the subject of my photos is not very well illuminated.

This photo illustrates all of the rules of composition and lighting combined. It was by far the best shot I took that day. Every once in a while, with the help of a peak of sunshine and a beautiful subject, the teacher gets it right.

This image was shot on a Canon Rebel, AV set at 5.6, 400 ISO.

Have fun with your camera,

L.H. 🙂