Some of the best subjects for portraits are not living things. The cemetery near my house contains graves that are over 200 years old. The detail of the statues has always intriqued me. Some of the more interesting ones have accumulated moss and lichens over time, adding to their character.

I try to treat each of the statues as people and photograph them like a portrait. Most of the time, I try to take closeups of particular features or take photos from low to the ground and shoot upward to include the sky in the composition. Sometimes the results are sweet, other times gothic, almost always cool.

The great thing about statues is that if you don’t like the results when you get home, you can always go back. Your subjects didn’t leave when you were done shooting.

Both of these photos were shot in RAW, using AV set at F5.6, 800 ISO.

Have fun with your camera,

L.H. 🙂