Living in Central Kentucky makes it easy to find great equine pictures. I found this cute little guy on a farm near Lexington. He was standing by the fence waiting for his close-up, as it were. I didn’t realize until I downloaded the pictures that the foal had a heart-shaped blaze. Many times good animal photos are right in your neighborhood, even if you don’t own any pets. Find a driver so that you can devote your eyes to looking for great shots. Spend some time sitting in the park or on the walking trail with your camera.  You may need to use a telephoto lens to get a good tight shot. Be aware, however, that some farm owners, especially those who raise million dollar horses, have restrictions against photography and always respect no trespassing posts. If you can’t get the shot from roadside, don’t take the risk.

This shot was taken with a 50 mm lens. The depth of field was set at a medium setting, because I wanted to include the horses in the background. I take all my outdoor shots on daylight white balance in RAW format. This one did not require white balance correction.

Remember to have fun with your camera,

L.H. 🙂