I recently discovered a new way to show contrasts in photography. I was fortunate to have arrived in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park in Tennesee early in the winter after one of the first snowfalls. The greenery on the forest floor was still fairly thick and the newly fallen snow lay like a white blanket on the ferns and moss. This was a rare find because normally the greenery goes dormant and turns brown after a hard freeze. The photo shows the diversity of conditions that exist in the mountains.

The photo was fairly easy to take. My camera was set on AV (Aperture Priority), which allows you to set the ISO and aperture. The camera handles the shutter speed.  It was cloudy and I set the white balance on shade. Since I didn’t need a long depth of field, I set the aperture on 5.6. The ISO was on 400. I could have set the ISO lower for a higher-quality photo, but that would have caused the camera to use a slow shutter speed and I was hiking with minimal equipment (no tripod). I like to use the AV and TV settings on my camera because they allow me to shoot in RAW, but unlike full manual mode, they make the camera do some of the work. If I want the camera to do all the work, I can use A-DEP mode and still shoot RAW, but that’s no fun.

Have fun with your camera,

L.H. 🙂