color highlighting

I recently experimented with color removal in Photoshop Elements after I took a series of boring photos at an orchard. It was a rather sunny day and the colors were either burned out by the sunlight or dulled by the shadows. When I came home with the pictures, I realized that this one photo showed an apple with just the right amount on light exposure. The rest of the photo left something to be desired.

I had read about color removal techniques in Popular Photography magazine and decided this would be a good time to try it. I opened the image in Photoshop Elements and went to the enhance menu, pulled down to the Adjust Color tab and over to Adjust Hue/Saturation. Since the photo was mostly made up of red, black and green, I simply changed the master tab to green and pushed the saturation all the way to the left to -100. This removed the green, left a nice gray in its place and voila’ a red apple.

Have fun with your camera.

L.H. 🙂