I have always enjoyed doing abstract art with paint and canvas, but oddly had not done any abstracts with my camera. I am a big follower of Petersen’s Photographic publications. The chief contributor to the magazine, Jim Zuckerman, shows how to do some interesting abstracts with your camera in Volume 10. I decided to give it a whirl.

I found a large piece of blue agate that had been sliced to approximately 1 inch thick. I found a brightly lit window and placed the rock against the glass for the sun to backlight it. Using a tripod, I placed the camera as close as possible to the agate and still get an auto focus reading, attached my remote shutter release, and set the camera on the highest depth. The shutter speed reading was very high, approximately 10 seconds. I shot three pictures using the recommended shutter speed and them one stop up and one stop down. The picture was a little yellowish, but could be easily corrected on the computer, since it was shot in RAW. I was very pleased to with the result.

Have fun.

L.H. 🙂